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What are promotional products anyway?

What are promotional products? Promotional products are custom items that businesses, non-profits, bands, sports teams, realtors, and other organizations use to advertise. These items are printed with some kind of identifying mark like a name, contact information, slogan, or logo.   If you've ever gone to the bank and grabbed a pen from the cup, or taken a drawstring bag home from a 5K, you've held a promotional product in your hands. These logo printed items are part of our lives almost every day, even if we don't always realize it!   According to the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), the most popular promotional items include: 1.            PPE products (face masks, hand sanitizer, etc.) 2.        USB drives & chargers 3.        Apparel & outerwear 4.        Drinkware 5.        Writing instruments 6.        Bags 7.        Calendars 8.        Desk & office supplies 9.        Umbrellas 10.       Power Banks Promotional products help raise awareness and stre